Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keurig Kitty Revisited

Today was great!  I awoke early and went for breakfast at Ivan's.  I love spoiling myself with breakfasts out.  When I came home Keurig Kitty had struck.  Remembering the little laugh I'd had a couple of weeks back over one of my cards looking like a kitty cat in a coffee pot, Keith had sent me a sweet mug with a whimsical cat on it.  The mug was filled with a variety of K-cups.  Perhaps someone with a knack for drawing cartoons could come up with a Keurig Kitty cartoon.  The already perfect Keurig coffee tastes even "perfecter" in that mug.

This afternoon I picked up a latte and a cap and went to my friend Ana's house.  We had a great visit and came up with a plan.  For a long time now, Ana has had a thriving ministry both on the radio and in person at our jail.  I mentioned wanting to give my cards to charity and she said she would love to give cards to the ladies she ministers to.  I can keep her supplied with all occasion, Christian themed cards.  I am stoked about the idea.

I am SO ready to get to work tonight, but I need to wait until Kennedy slows down.  Suzanne watched him this afternoon while I visited Ana so I feel its only fair to give her time to herself this evening.  I will watch over Kennedy and look at card patterns online and the minute he is tucked in I will adios to the craft room.

I will be taking my Keurig Kitty Cup along.

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