Saturday, February 26, 2011

S.O.S. Fellow Bloggers

I have no idea why I'm having trouble today.  I'm obviously doing something wrong and my brain refuses to cooperate with a common sense answer.

The thing is, I'm discovering some very nice new people are reading my blog and I, in turn, wish to follow them.  When I click on their photo it opens a general window with a 'follow' button. I can't even find a link to their blog.  Every time I click the follow button I end up following myself.  Makes me look a little self-centered, and I truly do want to see the other blogs. Can anyone help?

I was up early this morning and made a hot breakfast.  My embossing folders had arrived yesterday so I wanted to try some.  The card pictured today has an oval centre embossed with 'swiss dots'  Since I made this one with embellishments (jewels and adhesive squares) it can't be included in the cards I am sending to the prison.  I did make a couple in one design that look pretty, while being nothing more than die cuts and embossing.  I hope the ladies that receive them will enjoy them.  I'm kind of bummed because I foolishly rinsed the stamp block I used without putting the drain stopper in and the little cross is now somewhere in the sewer line.  It was a favourite of mine because it was so small and could be easily added to text.  Hard lesson learned - don't rush.

I shocked my family this morning by vacuuming my craft room.  How those tiny shards of paper accumulate and cling to everything.  The worst is the stray glitter.  When I first used glitter I was doused in it.  A day later people were telling me my hair was glittering!

I bought several of my friend Crissy's digistamps only to discover that my computer, which only has Windows 7, isn't compatible with my printer.  Both are HP so I'm hoping with a bit of research I can come up with a driver or something.  Wish me luck!  I'm ready to watercolour those stamps and can't wait to share the lovely artwork that Crissy does.  Please visit Crissy's site.  Her link is on this page.

And already a big "NEVERMIND" as I've gotten onto the new blog pages and added myself accordingly.  Now I can enjoy my guilt free cup of French Vanilla.  Yum!


  1. French Vanilla sounds yummy right about now. When you open up that general window, click on their blog, they should be a button for follow with a whole bunch of pictures at the bottom, usually on the right side of most people's blog:)

  2. I enjoy following your blog. Its good to see whats going on with you.

    French Vanilla is the bestest flavor, if you are going to have flavoured coffee (note obligatory extraneous U)