Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm so c-c-c-cold.  My dialysis equipment for the month was just delivered so the front door was open while roughly 20 heavy boxes were brought in.  I was already cold but now my teeth are chattering.  One of the things I have to live with, as people in renal failure are cold regardless of how much body fat they have.  I usually layer up and often sleep with a sweater on at night.  In the summer months I can still wear sleeves and sleep under a comforter.

While I sat here shivering, Kennedy tried his hardest to move the boxes as they came in.  He can`t even push them, let alone lift them.  He ended up lying on one and repeating ``oh no`` over and over again.  Another thing that we kidney deficient people have to live with is having 20 or more boxes of equipment stored inside their homes.  Mine are stacked 4 high across one wall of the dining room.  They stay there and we carry up 2 dialysis bags and assorted tubing per night.  To have the boxes upstairs or in the basement will not work because the the weight of them going up and down stairs.   It sucks, but after my transplant they simply will be gone.   

I picked up Gamsol today and tried it on a drawing.  It's amazing what that will do to a Prismacolor drawing.  I did a little girl stamp I`d done before on a card and the before and after was astonishing.  The next one I do I`ll take photos to show the difference.  Gamsol (Odorless Mineral Spirits) is highly toxic of my little bottle is staying on top of a huge armoire near my craft room.  Kennedy`s reached an age where I really ought to find some Mister Yuck stickers.

My plan tonight is to print off more of Crissy's digital stamps and color, etc.  I need to stay put near the fireplace as I would never survive in my craft room feeling this cold.  It's so nice to be able to do just parts of a card in other locations although I prefer being in my craft room from start to finish. 

Stay warm!

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