Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Fine Whine

I didn't have the greatest day today. 

I made this card with scraps I had from another project.  I used a piece of clip art from the Graphics Fairy and then distressed odds and ends ending up with a coat of glimmer mist on everything.  Hmmm, listen to that.  Now I know why very few men read this blog.  Well at least I spent some time crafting.  I did put in some time on the project I'm working on as well and so far so good. 

The reason I say I didn't have a great day is just my usual.  Medically speaking I had a rough night, and before I even got unhooked from my dialysis machine this morning, I had a call that my nephrology nurse was coming over to see me.  I looked like garbage after my rough night.  She immediately commented on my eyes.  Anyway, she left me a jug for a lovely 24 hour urine sample, and a tremendous drain bag to use tonight instead of using the usual drain lines that go into the toilet.  I'm to drain into the bag, which I will not be able to lift in the morning and then flush a sample into a very small drain bag and bring it to the hospital.  I'm there for a go over of my forms for the transplant team as well as a weigh in and blood work.  So lousy feeling all day today, most of tomorrow taken up with medical stuff.  And knowing me, I will then need about 24 hours to bounce back.Never take your good health for granted.  It can be gone just like that.  I never knew what sick was until now.  And don't get me started on the pain factor. Owie.  Oh well, this is just a bump in the road and by Friday I'll be frisky again. 

One thing about the down time is it gives me lots of  thinking time to plan projects.  What will I try next?
Today I watched a few videos and those sure get me motivated.  I watched one project that featured Provo Craft's Gypsy.  Since I won't be spending anymore money on PC, I figured out how to do the same project using Make-The-Cut.    Since I rarely join in on blog hops and challenges (self-esteem issues at play) I like to privately challenge myself after watching videos with new techniques. 

Here's to hoping for less pain tonight and a good rest before going to the hospital tomorrow.


  1. im so sorry you had an iffy day! I hope you feel better soon and get a good rest! your card came out amazing! i love how scraps come in handy and create the cutest things!
    feel beter!

  2. So sorry you had a bad night and day too. Hope all goes well at the hospital and that you are soon feeling much better. Love the card.

    Pat xx

  3. Bless your heart. That's a lot of crud to have to go thru. Hope Friday gets here quickly so you can feel perky again. Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. Good Morning,

    I am Mistyrose and just became your latest follower!!! #60 and I am so pleased that Momo sent me to meet you. YOur work is just lovely and thanks so much :0)


  5. wonderful card! MOmo sent me and I am now a follower. thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower

  6. Hi, Ali! So sorry to hear that you had a rough time last night. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you and that you feel perky again really quickly. Your card is lovely and I fail to understand why you hesitate to enter your work into challenges. I understand being self-critical as I'm also like that but challenges will benefit you in that way too. I haven't entered very many yet but I plan to enter a lot more. Anyway, feel better!


  7. Hi Ali,I'm so happy MOMO sent you......I'm following you too now. Your cards are really lovely. I read through a lot of your posts and really felt for you and what you are going through. A very close friend of mine...her daughter is waiting for a kidney transplant, she is eleven. So seeing what she has been through, first hand, I can understand your feelings.
    I wish you well,......I'll be back to see some more of your creations.
    Just thought I'd let you know my husband is Canadian, his family lives in Barrie and Aliston. Its great to follow someone and I actually know the area. xo

  8. This is stunning work sweetie,big hugs love Pops x x x