Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcoming Spring

The weather on this first day of spring is fabulous.  I had a little outing to deliver the cards for the prison to Ana and a special card to another friend.  I snuck in a trip to the dollar store and picked up even more card bling.  I really love some of the sheer ribbons there.  So inexpensive and pretty.  I've used it quite a bit lately.  If nobody is with me I'm able to walk slowly down the craft aisle and come away with the best stuff.  When someone is waiting for me it's just frustrating.

Kennedy's feet grow bigger every 15 minutes or so.  He's outgrown the slippers I bought him in January so Laura found him a larger pair.  This pair has Thomas the Tank Engine and he is over the moon wearing them.  Laura is the best person in the world right now.

I'm planning to work on my cards after dinner.  I need some quiet down time.  No TV.  No chattering.  I love the kids but I need to be alone.  I lose track of time while I'm cutting and gluing, etc.  I'm sort of 'iffy' today.  I feel as okay as I can feel.  I'm just down.  I had a good look at my body after I showered.  I have to hold all this dialysis fluid in me and my tummy looks like I'm pregnant.  It even makes it hard to stand for any length of time.  It's like being pregnant forever.  It's pretty disheartening to be told to slim down for surgery, when all that load of weight is there because of the dialysis and drugs I'm on.  I'm losing it in any case but it's not easy like it would have been if I didn't have kidney disease. As long as I'm on dialysis I will have a big tummy and an ugly length of tubing protruding from it.  I hate that strangers probably look at my protruding stomach and think I eat like a pig.  Lord, give me strength.

Time for dinner and then ME time!  Happy Spring everybody.

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