Friday, April 29, 2011

Back in the Game

I've had my time for self pity and am feeling much better.  Thanks so very much to all of you for your kind comments.  Life is certainly a roller coaster is all I can say.  Just when I think things are going on a sure path, I end up on some new and often frightening track.

I've had time to think it out and realize that if my heart needs fixing first, I am glad they figured that out rather than risk my life doing the transplant first.  I'm not going to jump from A to Z either.  I have to have an angiogram.  That doesn't necessarily mean I need open heart surgery.  So I'm breathing and taking this one small step at a time.

Amazingly, when you believe you've hit rock bottom, God has a way of sorting you out.  After watching the royal wedding earlier we decided to pop out to Tim Horton's for sandwiches, etc.  When we were there, my husband was fussing over me, not wanting me to carry my food tray.  (Like, sheesh!  I'm not dead yet!)  But THAT led to a lady who was picking up her food noticing us and asking why my husband was coddling me.  It turned out that she had had a kidney transplant several years ago  We then spent an hour sharing a table and talking.  That dear lady gave me back my hope and courage.  She was so positive and upbeat and clearly healthy.  I want some of that!

So enough about my health for now.  Just keep me in your prayers and all is going to happen as it should.

My card making effort today wasn't stellar.  Chalk it up to the rough week and tiring myself out with the royal festivities.  I used some newly arrived Stella and Rose paper, which I love.  The rest of the card...well my heart wasn't in it.  So tired.  But I feel the ideas churning around in the noggin again so I think that this weekend will see some creativity again.  Tonight I will probably watch my 123 Stamp dvd from Club Ruby.
Happy weekend.  Happy Crafting!


  1. First I want to thank you for visiting my blog, it has been a few days but after my bad migraines I ended up with strep. Sorry it took me so long to visit your blog!!! you are so right about God though, when we think we have hit rock bottom, He proves to you that we are not at rock bottom. But He also shows us that we need to trust Him and let Him be the pilot and not the copilot of our lifes! I will be praying for you!!!!
    The card is great by the way!!!!

  2. So glad you are feeling more positive and what a wonderful chance meeting with someone who has experienced it all. Will keep you in my thougths and prayers. Great card.

    Pat xx