Friday, April 1, 2011

No April Fools

Finally!  April is here.  I can almost feel my favourite peep toe shoes on my feet!

I fell asleep on the love seat after lunch.  Nobody woke me and according to the family, I snored. 

I went downstairs and tackled the accordion flower that I swore I couldn't do.  I guess I just needed a fresh try.  I made an additional card that I'm not sure about posting because it would be a good card to submit to the mystery thing I'm working on.  I guess I'll keep it back, and if I make something I like even more I can always post it then.  Again, both cards I made today were made using small scraps of paper I had saved from other projects.  I love knowing I have left a few less scraps in the world.

This weekend I would like to check out the Photo Metro here as my blog friend and actual neighbor, Kimberly from Canadian Craft Corner often mentions supplies she buys there as well as classes they hold. I also need to pick up some supplies to make a gate fold mini album.  To me, this is an exciting weekend! Again, I guess I know why we don't get heavy man traffic on these blogs!

I've just been informed that we are going out for dinner. Yay!  

None of the above has been part of an April Fools prank.  Thank you.


  1. This card is just absolutely gorgeous! The accordion flower is awesome! I'm a new follower...Momo sent me! I'd love for you to stop by my blog as well :)

    PS - I pray that you get the transplants you need. Crafting does soothe the soul.

  2. WOW, for your first accordian flower it came out perfect. Love the bright smile on the flower, it is so cheerful to look at.

  3. Gorgeous accordian flower Ali, really well done, must have a try at one of these. Love the smile you have put on it too. Have a good weekend.

    Pat xx

  4. Beautiful card and awesome flower. Teach me teach me LOL. TFS Momo sent me.

    Karen C

  5. Nice work on the flower Ali. It turned out great!