Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time to Breathe

A nice spring Sunday and I've spent most of it distracted by my upcoming trip.  I still have some paperwork to complete, cell phone to charge, medications to arrange.  I'm pretty much ready to go, but I'm nervous about the long drive, particularly driving in downtown Toronto and finding where I'm to be.  I'm usually so optimistic but I've even wondered if by some crazy twist of fate, they'll tell me there's been a mistake and I can't have my transplant.  So with 24 hours to go, I'm driving myself a little bit crazy.  Breathe. 

I wasn't feeling my muse today, so I pulled out a cartridge to do a cart.It turned out pretty cute.  I was originally going to make it an Easter card, but after I made the bunny and the carrot I kind of liked the idea of them being friends.  Cards like this are very simple, but time consuming to make with all the tiny bits and layers that need to be glued (neatly) together.  It was a perfect way to pass the early evening hours and not taxing on the old brain.

My dear Shelly is coming over for coffee tomorrow.  I'm taking it easy; going to bed early, etc., but I think a visit tomorrow will probably do me a lot of good.  Too much time to think seems to be making me rattled about this whole week.  I wish I could take Shelly along with me to the hospital.  She really has a calming effect on me.

I found a great die cut to use for a mini album and was going to start one today, but discovered I didn't have enough chip board.  Since I wasn't big on creativity, I think the card I made was a good thing.  I have visions of me putting together the basic album pages and then randomly gluing google eyes everywhere. 

So now it's mid evening.  Time for my beloved Keurig and an early trip to bed.  Breathe!


  1. Ali, I will be thinking of you. Hugs~Terri

  2. You will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. Keep positive that everything will be fine.

  3. This is an adorable card for Easter or a friend I think. I hope all went well with your appointment.

    Peace & Luv,

  4. Love the card Ali. I just became a follower of your site. Please stop by my blog, and if you would become a follower of mine I'm new to the blogging world and could use all the friends I can... I look forward to a long friendship.

    Thank you