Friday, June 3, 2011

Celebration of a Minor Sort

I'm celebrating a little tonight.  I checked my day timer after visiting the doctor this afternoon and for the first time in weeks and weeks - well for as long as I can remember - I have nothing to do next week.  No medical appointments.  No driving of other family members to anything.  I'm actually excited.  It's like I get a vacation!  All we need now is some summer weather.

Tonight's card features a stamp set I picked up in Orillia yesterday.  One graphic and half a dozen related comments.  For tonight I chose "Are you this awesome in person, too?"  And I just bet that all of you are this awesome! Yay!

Have a super Friday and seize the day tomorrow!


  1. I have a VERY strong feeling, that YOU are totally AWESOME in person too, Ali! You are the sweetest soul. When I feel little down I can come to your blog and be picked up just like that! Have a super 'vacation' and do something just for you. YOU deserve it! oh, love the card too! Gonna go put my feet up:)
    Cindy Porter

  2. Wonderful card, the colors are super and so summer!!!!!