Monday, July 11, 2011

Changes in Dialysis

No new cards today, but I thought I'd post about my renal clinic visit.

I've mentioned following Weight Watchers and not doing so well despite following the plan.  It's very important to me to do well as I want to be strong and ready for my surgery when it happens.  I've also mentioned how my legs are swollen and I have some pain.

Today I saw the PD nurse, dietitian and my nephrologist,  My nephrologist poked and prodded (painfully) and told me that I am actually very likely at my surgery goal weight.  He estimates that on the conservative side, I am holding onto in excess of 30 pounds in fluids. (Probably closer to 40 pounds).  These fluids are full of toxins, so I darn well should be feeling badly. And tired, yes.  I've been doing the equivalent of carrying two 20 pound sacks of potatoes on my shoulders.  This news actually pleases me because it means that I'm much smaller than I've believed.

Of course I will continue on with Weight Watchers, but now I can quickly get this weight off.  The doctor has changed my dialysis prescription to help drain off more fluid each night, plus prescribed daytime dialysis as well - at least until I'm flushed out.  He was all apologetic about giving me added dialysis treatments, but I am so eager to get better that I don't mind.

So onward ho!  Hopefully within a couple of weeks my scales will be causing me to happy dance.

Happy crafting everyone!


  1. and here I thought you were mostly all hot air ...*wink*

  2. I wish nothing but the very best for you Ali!!!!
    This must be so hard on you!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you so that you can finally get some really good news!!!!!


  3. Hope the extra dialysis helps you Ali and that you are soon feeling stronger, fingers crossed that you get some good news soon.

    Pat xx