Saturday, March 31, 2012

Almost But Not Quite

Kennedy loves to go to playgrounds and his favourite thing is the slide.

This morning I dressed in a woolly sweater and WALKED onto my deck.  Then the girls brought Kennedy out for the first sight of the new swing set.  His face was radiant as he ran to his very own slide.  He shouted "Thanks, Mom" and that was it - he played on his new equipment until he was almost asleep with the fresh air and exercise.

I had a disappointment tonight.  The girls wheeled me to my new craft area and I chose some paper and formulated a plan for a card.  I then totally lost my steam.  My head drooped and I barely had the energy to turn off my Gypsy.  How disappointing.  I will try again tomorrow, earlier in the day.  It sucks to be so weak and dizzy that I can't even make a card. At least I have my supplies ready to go and maybe I'll conquer it tomorrow.

Happy crafting!


  1. It's so good to see you back on here. Just don't over do it (you're probably really sick of hearing that, so sorry.) Keep getting stronger and I can't wait to see your next card.

  2. Nice and easy does it my friend.