Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just a Great Little Day

Great little day today.  I ran errands and then it was MY day. I picked up a couple more magazines, brush markers and my first set of Prismacolour pencils in years.  Rather than card making tonight I'm tying out the new drawing tools.  I also picked up the Martha Stewart glitter pens that are so handy for outlining cuts. 

So I'm here tonight, playing with pencils and paints and having a good time.  The water colouring and it's shading is a bit different than what I used to do with watercolours so I'll continue practicing and then one of these evenings I'll have a card to post here. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  Today was 'load the pill tray' day and I'm sure I did it properly.  Yay me!  Awake when I should be.  Tomorrow I go to the blood clinic for my monthly blood work so I'll be ready for the Nephrology clinic next Monday.  I'm stoked because of my status with Toronto General and I'm sure my team here are happy too.

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