Monday, February 21, 2011

Thoughts From a Pleasant Day

What a pleasant day it's been. It's quite cold here, but the sky remained a brilliant blue.  If only the snow were sand!

The girls, Kennedy and I spent this Family Day afternoon with my mother at Marina Point.  Nana was in fine form, even insisting on getting down on the floor to play with Kennedy.  Like most kids his age, he ignored the toys we'd brought along to amuse him and instead had a running and squealing good time finding drink coasters that we were hiding every time he turned his head.  After we left there, I stupidly went to Sobey's to buy dinner.  Closed.  Everything, everywhere was closed.  We had a lovely meal of tuna cheese melts courtesy of our local Shoppers Drug Mart.  I was determined to stay out of pricey restaurants.

After dinner I watched a video about colouring stamps with watercolours and then tried it out on a scrap drawing.  I need some practice before I'll show anyone, but stay tuned.  I WILL learn. On tonight's card I lightly outlined the flowers with Martha Stewart glitter pens. I think one of my favourite tools is the 3D adhesive pads used to lift die cuts and embellishments from the background. I recently came across a charity that asks card makers to give them cards to give to cancer patients.  They can use them for all occasions so it looks like at least some of my little creations will find an appreciated home.

Tomorrow I will repeat the process but also allow for time to catch up on emails.  Friends write me so many newsy emails and I read them and somehow never answer.  Go figure, back in the day I would hand write ten page missives to friends.  Give me a laptop and I am mute.

Here is to tomorrow!!

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