Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Oscar Night Don'tcha Know

No new cards tonight.  Today was spent surfing around looking at tutorials and blog hops.  Blog Hops seem to be quite popular with the paper crafting sites but I'm not entirely sure how they work yet.  Sooner or later I'll take up the challenge and join one and then I'll know. 

Tonight is the big night in Hollywood.  Although I rarely see a movie in a theatre, I do enjoy watching the Red Carpet show to see what everyone is wearing.  Evening wear such as I've never worn.  I would feel totally alien in a ball gown. My long ago high school prom doesn't count.  The gowns we wore to those in the 70's were of a whole different class than the designer gowns we'll see tonight. I'm not sure who is up against whom.  I think the Social Network is up against the King's Speech?  Did I get that right?  I haven't seen either although I have tried to get into Social Network but I'm having trouble getting past the lead character's brusque and intense manner of speaking..  I'm willing to give it another try and probably will soon.

So no craft room today.  The pull of the Oscars is a little too strong, and it's nice to spend a day just thinking about things to try.  The picture I have up today is a photo of Kennedy that I ran through a really cool site called FunnyPhotos.  Try it. It's addictive and some of the results are quite nice.

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