Monday, February 28, 2011

Jam Packed Day

This morning I attended Kidney Clinic.  It's my first clinic since our new hospital opened.  The nephrology team has improved the clinics by now cycling each patient through to visit with the nurse, the social worker, the dietitian and finally, the doctor.  It stretched the appointment into just over an hour, but since the clinics are every 3 months it was worth the time to meet with the whole team.  For me especially, since I am waiting for a transplant. I've dropped a few pounds on my own, but now I will work with Rose, the dietitian, in a concerted effort to lose weight.  I made an appointment for this Thursday afternoon where Rose will have a food plan outlined for me.

I've also gone to the YMCA and brought home registration forms.  I stood with my nose pressed to the glass and reassured myself that at least half of the people on the treadmills looked like me.  I shouldn't attract a morbid crowd of gawkers.  I sure wish I could use their lovely pool.  Since I'm not allowed to be immersed in water I watched for a few minutes and turned away. 

My all time favourite insect is the dragonfly.  Today I found an inexpensive package of dragonfly embellishments so that's what's on today's card.  I also used 2 of my new embossing folders and the last of my wide, sheer pink ribbon.   I love how the bow turned out.

While I was waiting for my husband in a hardware store, I found acrylic plate racks for $1 so I will be using those to display cards from now on.  I'm finding great stuff in dollar stores, too.

Kennedy has been taking his bed covers and using them as a pillow lately, so it's time for a big boy pillow.  Guess what I found?  I unearthed a baby sized pillow that my mother used for me all those years ago.  I'm pleased that my son will now get to use something of mine.  I also found a pink quilt that was mine.  I cannot use it for Kennedy because there are some things you don't do to a guy - even if he's 2.

Almost bed time for me, but I feel really good for having accomplished a few things today.

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