Monday, March 28, 2011

Craft Attack. I Can't Help Myself.

I am full of ideas this evening.  I was pulling up a big old blank for ideas yesterday and today, Now I don't know what to start next.  I want to do a mini-album, a CD cover for a disc full of baby photos, a mini album using a hinged candy tin and a keepsake box.  I've seen great tutorials for each of these ideas and I want to roll my sleeves up.  Picture me tonight, sitting in my craft room, scouting out the supplies I would need.  I guess whatever I have the best supplies for wins.   Whatever it is, you can count on me to tell you afterward. 

I am going to be submitting a few projects to a special source and for those projects I won't be able to post photos or anything.  I will after the submission has been dealt with though.   Its so hard for me not to post every little thing I do.

*insert craft break here*

Alrighty, I did two things.  One was part of the submission project and I did as much as I could on the first step.  It will likely take me a couple of days to complete.  Well I had to have something that I could finish in one sitting, so I did a mini accordian album.  It was easier than it looked and fun to put together. The second photo shows it opened out and unfolded.  It doesn't look like much but it's really kind of cool.  You could put small photos in it, write poetry or little journal entries. 

Now I must satisfy my urge to visit everyone's most recently updated blogs and see what all my talented friends have been doing.  A favourite way to wind down my day.


  1. Oh wow! so cute!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just checkin' in....cute, cute projects!
    I love that little ducky!

    Peace & Luv,

  3. Alison, Momo sent me and I've enjoyed touring your blog. I am one of your followers now and I invite you to visit my blog @

  4. What a cute acordian album!
    I fallowed your link from Momo
    I hope you can stop by my blog: