Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Rescue

This little card is proof of miracles.  I took my coffee down to the craft room and pulled out my various papers and cuts, etc.  Should have been easy peasy, right?

Not when my daughter decided to use a razor on my two year old's head in my room because it's easy to sweep up.  I know the sound of a death scream now.  What a gosh awful racket and I was more concerned for his extreme angst than I was for what I was doing.

This card was a mere inches from the circular file.  Funny thing is my husband thinks it's very good.  Ever wonder what makes a man tick?  So I'm working on this card and putting the little flowers together.  All thumbs.  2 glue gun burns later and I had an 'accident' with the glimmer mist.  Tell me again what 15 cm looks like cause I sure don't know.  I gave it a light spritz which pooled around the flower bases.  Totally wrecked everything.  Somehow it all dried out and things were okay.  Finally, I smudge the stamp which originally was on the plain purple cardstock.  So I did a patch job by die cutting a floral piece to reapply the stamp.  Ha ha. I hope this little card appreciates all I did to rescue it.

I'm done for now and we'll just see what tomorrow brings.  Hopefully I can be a little more creative and focused.


  1. Love your card Alison!

    Forgive me, but out of all the sweet comments you've left me, I never thought, "oh, I should see if she had a blog." I'm going to make it up to you though!

    I'm loving the look of your blog!


  2. Cute project! Momo sent me to your blog! I am a new follower. Please stop over and follow too:) Looking forward to seeing the new projects you make.
    Sherrie K

  3. Hi sweetie, this is fab love the flowers really sweet, big hugs pops x x x

  4. beautiful work and blog if you come to visit my blog I have a little gift for you!!!!!!