Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Teacher, Ali Was Sick Again Today

Today, since I stayed in bed all day (again) and didn't make anything - I offer you this pretty plate of fruit and some cold cream.  Don't worry, I haven't lost my mind.  Not yet, at least.  I thought I'd post a couple of images from 'The Graphics Fairy'.  She has such pretty Victorian clip art and I have decorated my blog with some of it.  I was born for shabby chic.  I love the Victorian era and ribbons and fru fru of any kind.  Sometimes I just surf around admiring all the artwork and creativity in this category.  The only thing I don`t care for is the fact that if you fill your home with all of the lovely trinkets it`s a terrible headache house cleaning.  (As if housecleaning isn`t a headache enough!)

I am determined to get out of bed tomorrow and create.  I have my new pigment dyes I want to use to distress some card stock, as well as distressing stickles.  I finally remembered to pick up a corner rounder punch.  Lots of little things to try.  I have countless digital images to play with as well.  Since I have been bedridden for a couple of days I have had plenty of time to collect and sort through digital images that I like. I only need a little bit of life in me to get going.  I am so weak and ill.  I cannot really describe how I feel.  When I do, my husband just stares at me. 

One time I tried to describe the pain I experience during one phase of my dialysis.  The closest I could come was to say it felt like an extremely bad menstrual cramp.  Of course he came back with And I know what that feels like HOW.....  Likewise I can say I am feeling ill but I cannot put it into understandable terms.  I feel awful is all I can say.  Sometimes I can feel myself dying.  But I will not die from this!  Transplant. Transplant. Transplant.  I must stay positive and beat this and someday look back at this time of my life with thankfulness that it is done.

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  1. Hey Ali - I'm sorry to hear about your health, but I hope that things will turn around for you real soon. You are in my thoughts!

    Peace & Luv,