Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Always Something

After shopping with my mother there's a price to pay.  An 86 year old woman can literally wear me out. I spent today in pajamas and dozing.  It's not that I'm lazy, I simply don't have the stamina anymore.  I can't receive my transplant soon enough.  The travel grants for next month came through today.  I'm beginning to watch the calendar.

The card I made today reminds me of my mother when she was a little girl.  In photographs she wore her hair like the little girl on the right and I've seen her in baggy tights like the little girl on the left.  I think the haircut was referred to as a 'butcher boy' cut.  When I was a little girl my mother kept my hair short but put velvet bows in it.  How goofy!

I used dies from my MTC today and it works just fine so the message boards about Provo Craft disabling third party software are correct.  As long as I don't update either the MTC or the Provo Craft firmware my existing files will still work.  When I've finally gotten creative again I'm being stifled.  I don't like to break rules, even if I think the rules are based on self-serving greed so I have to think about what I am and am not going to use. I don't use die cuts on every card but often when I do they're of my own design using MTC software.  For people that don't know about the Cricut die cutting machine or the current controversy, in a nutshell, Provo Craft has filed suit against Make the Cut software because they don't want any of it's users creating something original and not on one of their own cartridges.  It's always something huh?

Today, of course is St. Patrick's day and one of my closest pals is Irish, so I'm going to leave off for now and call him to wish him well. 

So to everyone, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Lovely card Ali, beautiful image and love all the embellies. Hope you are feeling less tired today.

    Pat xx