Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Morning After

Do you hate the effects of the time change as much as I do?  The clock going ahead throws me right off.  Of course I was was stupid last night and stayed up late watching a couple of scary movies with the girls.  I knew I was going to feel it today.  I didn't wake up until 2 pm!! (It was really 1 pm but...)  It is currently 4:45 pm and I have accomplished nothing more than a couple of phone calls.  I want so badly to get down to my craft room and colour a drawing I had in my head in bed.  Alas, the girls have gone and I'm alone with Kennedy so I have to content myself with half-heartedly sitting with my computer and the frequent hops up to save the breakables and rescue  the contents of the fridge.  Kennedy is a man in motion!

I have some very colourful rainbow type card stock downstairs and the girls have asked me to make them cards.  My head is rattling with presentation ideas.

Sadly, my day has flown by and I have to contend with dinner and then maybe I will get a chance to make something.  Apart from that I'll spend my evening looking at magazines for ideas.

Keep remembering the people of Japan in your prayers.

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  1. Evening Alison it's 22.44 here in Durham,England and our clocks haven't changed yet.The change can knock you for 6 and take a while to adjust. Our weather has been quite good today - cold but very sunny. I managed to get a card done today and post it on my blog but sometimes I am so slow.I really need to speed up lol Your card today is very cute and it looks as if you have been using your pencils to good effect. See you again another day.Take care xx