Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunshine and Happiness

I've just finished one of the perkiest cards I've made to date.  I've discovered I can multitask as I did most of it while on the phone and I thoroughly enjoyed both the card making and the phone conversation.  Lucky me!

I`m trying to stay up for another half hour just to even out my sleep patterns for tomorrow.  I`m bleary eyed.  I just could not go to bed without one creation and this one was so much fun to do. I used my circle cutter for the frame around the stamp,  and one of my decorative scissors to edge the sentiment. The cute stamp is from Stamps `n`Smiles.  They sell beautiful digitals but this one was a freebie.  Making something that looks sunny and happy makes me feel sunny and happy.  I`m prescribing this to myself for tomorrow:  make another happy card.

I check in with my dietitian tomorrow.  I fudged tonight and ate a small poutine.  I was craving it and I caved in.  Nobody is perfect I guess.  Tomorrow will be what tomorrow will be.


  1. This is such a sweet card! Love the cute image and the rainbow paper too!