Monday, March 21, 2011

Pay It Forward : The Versatile Blogger Award

My blogging friend, Patrizia very kindly bestowed this blog award on me.  I, in turn need to post it and pay it forward to 15 others as well as posting 7 things about myself.  Can you hear me gulping?  But here goes:

7 Things About Me:

  1. I have reddish brown hair that never lies flat.
  2. I love cheese omelets.
  3. I hate shopping for clothes.
  4. I love shopping in craft aisles and shops.
  5. I drive a Kia Soul and love it.
  6. I watch Thomas the Tank Engine for at least an hour a day.
  7. My glass is half full and I'm grateful to God for everything.
And now to forward this on to 15 others. (random picks)   I'll understand if you'd rather not participate.  Have fun if you do join in.  Just take the aware badge from this post for your use.

  1. Crissy - Crissy's Art & Heart
  2. Lisa - Lisa Blogs
  3. Cassie - Paper Issues
  4. Carri - Doubleclick Connections AKA A Busy Bee
  5. Jingle - Just Jingle
  6. Pat - Pip's Pastimes
  7. Pat - Cards 2 Cherish
  8. Liza - Pink Candy Stripes
  9. Pinky - Much Ado About Nothing
  10. Nikki - Scrappin' Navy Wife
  11. Lisa - Lisa's Crafts
  12. Gaby - Gaby Creates
  13. Karen - Karen's Craft Space
  14. Lena - Lena's Crafts
  15. Candace - Paper Crafts by Candace


  1. So sweet! I hate clothes shopping too! Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. Glad you accepted this award from me Ali and it was great reading the things about you.God Bless and hope you have a good day today - don't over do it xx