Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday With My Feet Up

I used the 'Gracie's Roses' stamp on one of my cards today.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of that sweet little girl.  Crissy is so gifted.  Time flew by this morning and before I knew it I had this springtime card with it's pretty ribbon trim, as well as 6 more simpler cards for Ana to take to the prison.  It would be easy to forget those simpler cards, as half of the fun of this hobby is deciding what embellishments, etc. to use.  I wish I could give the fancier cards to the ladies but it's not allowed.

It's a cheerful, bright, sunny day here.  I'm tempted to put some gas in the car and go looking at art supplies but I've made it til now (4:00 pm) so I guess my wallet is safe.  The girls have gone out walking and Kennedy is napping.  Now I'm fighting the urge to go back downstairs and make another unholy mess.  And beyond that, there is still the messy ribbon dowel and the matter of about 4 used cutting mats that need refurbishing.  It's so much fun making the cards and such a drag cleaning and maintaining things.  Aha!  I just thought of a reason to be down there for more craft time.  I wanted to try top stitching a card.  Give me a few minutes to imagine out a card design and I'm good to go! 

I've added an organ donation reminder to my blog.  I don't bring it up too often I hope, but it is such an important decision for each of us to make.  Seriously consider giving someone like myself the gift of life and sign your organ donation card.   All of the thousands of north americans waiting for transplant are just ordinary people like myself, with hopes and dreams and a wish to survive.  Please think about it!

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  1. You did a beautiful job on your card with Gracie!! I love your blues and the sweet way you added the ribbons. Love the double scalloped frame too. Great job Jane!