Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Cherry of a Day

What a genuinely pleasant day!  I started my day in my craft room.  I'd been thinking about cherries in bed last night so cherries it was in the craft room today. 

My friend Shelly came over after lunch and we drank a LOT of coffee and talked and talked.  Shelly left with some of my cards to give to her mother in law who is currently sending a card a week to a friend with cancer.  What a wonderful friend she is!  I enjoyed the visit, as I always do and the afternoon flew by.  As always, Shelly gave me lots of sound health advice.  Its great to have a nurse as a bestie.

If I wasn't physically tired, Id be down in the craft room re-doing my ribbon dowel.  I never did get it fixed after Kennedy unfurled so much of it. There are a couple of empty spools on it now, and I have three new ribbon rolls that can be added.  Anyone who has the same storage system will agree.  That dowel is a booger!

I am watching a show called the Dead Zone tonight before bed.  It is quite different but I enjoyed the first episode.  I listened to a few minutes of Tiger Blood radio on Sirius XM.  I understand Mr. Sheen himself  will be appearing live on Ustream tonight for a show called Sheen's Korner.  You know, it is headline news but it is so sad to see a fellow human being being so self destructive.  So sad.  I hope he can reach a point where he can be helped.  We all need healing of some sort.

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