Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sunshine is Shining on My Mess

Another brilliant blue sky day.  I wish I could say the temperatures soared but it was still pretty chilly out there.  The sun, especially now that we're enjoying daylight savings time is giving me such a boost. Shelly  came over and we had a good time together as always. 

I needed her encouragement today as I'm at my wits end with my family.  The last time I was released from the hospital they were called in and told to pull their weight because I could no longer clean and take care of every little thing.  When I first came home they put in a little effort.  It really helped me to rest and heal.  They've already had to be reminded not to bicker and fight with each other.  I know that's a tall order with 2 young women. Where I am so disheartened now is how they all pass the buck on housework.  I'm a very clean and tidy kind of person and I've struggled and learned to accept that I can't have my house spotlessly clean when I'm this sick.  They live here and are healthy and yet they don't lift a finger.  I can't remember the last time one of them vacuumed and when I ask for some specific chore to be done they totally blow me off, usually using a rude tone of voice.  It's getting to me.  I honestly feel like having a good cry today.  I'm considering getting them all at the dinner table tonight, husband included, and telling them that unless this house is cleaned thoroughly I will temporarily stay with a single girlfriend. **

I made a carnation type flower a week or so ago without having a paper piercer or the right brads.  Today those supplies arrived so I set to work on a second flower.  Did it ever turn out nice. So much better than the first attempt.  I finished it off with glimmer mist.  My goal for the next couple of days is to search out various flower making tutorials so I will feel confident creating a large range of flowers.

I can smell the pizza in the oven so I'll log off and have that serious talk with my family.   I know it's hard for them to comprehend all that my illness entails but I need them to get it.  I'm not being lazy. I'm sick.  They need to pick up the slack.  After my transplant I'm sure they can do what they want but right now I need them to be on board.

Okay, everybody take some vitamin D and soak up some sunlight.

** My household is cleaner already.  My husband even put in some hard labour.  Now I don`t need to run away from home.  It seems so trivial but sitting still while things deteriorate is so hard for me as a mom.  Thankfully my family rose to the occasion.  We`ve all had an attitude adjustment, including me and the atmosphere here is happy again.


  1. The first part of your post was troubling, but I'm glad for the "change" & the happy sign off. Can't wait to see some of those flowers you're making.

  2. Beautiful card. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, now following yours :)

  3. Beautiful cards!!! I love to make my own flowers. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I now follow your blog.


  4. Whew, I am so glad your post ended positive. :) I love your blog and your beautiful cards. Poked around a bit. hehe

    Momo sent me and if you would like to pay a visit to my blog (and maybe become a follower) it is


  5. Hi sweetie, this is just gorgeous fabulous colours too hugs pops x x x

  6. Glad that everything got cleared up!! You have a great family! Here in South Texas we are enjoying weather of 100 degrees (2 days ago)!! plenty of vitamin D!

  7. All of your cards are fab. You have a nice blog.
    Momo sent me.
    Hugs, Debi

  8. This is so pretty. I am loving what I have seen on your blog so far. I found you through Momo. Isn't this the sweetest thing she is doing for us!