Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thanks and Mind the Unicorns

I happened to have made a thank you card today so it's fitting as I say thanks to Momo for introducing me to so many new crafters and to the new friends who are now reading my blog (and I theirs)  I've only managed to visit about 40 of the ever expanding list.  This could go on and on.  I have to laugh because I added myself to so many blogs yesterday that blogger started requiring proof that I was human.

So I made this card to try out a dragonfly punch.  I've curtailed my card making spending 'cause we all know out out of hand it can get.  But since one of my favourite things in this life is dragonflies I simply needed the punch.  And I should have shares in Momenta products as I can't stay away from their papers.  I love the 5 x 7 pads of coordinating papers. 

I want to also say thanks to Anniebee who has graciously bestowed upon me the Versatile Blogger Award I had received that one two days ago but I'm sure I can find 7 more things to say about myself.  With all the new followers I can also find 15 new people to pass it on to, but I beg for a day's grace.  I've been fighting with computers all day and most of last evening so I'd like to wait until I'm fresh to do any more. 

Today I found a cheaper source for my Keurig K-Cups.  I'm  enjoying my third cup of coffee now.  Thank goodness it's decaf!  I need to get cracking and do the gift basket I was thinking of for my friend.  Little gifts for no reason always bring such happiness.  We'll see how creative I can get with the packaging.
Even though I was out today, I am still running well.  I'm not feeling sick at all, which is a rare treat.  I hope it lasts because I need to drop in at both of my lawyers offices tomorrow.  One has some court papers I've been waiting on and the other lost his mother today.  He's become a friend over the past five years so I wouldn't dream of ignoring his loss.  I did a suitable simple sympathy card for him to hand deliver.  I'll need to visit my mother as well.  She was a friend to this dear lady and has taken her sudden death hard. 

Having said all the serious stuff,  I  will now close with a reminder to followers of the words of Charlie Sheen.  He just thinks hes all that and a big ol bag of chips with his talk of tiger blood.  We know the truth.  The real power lies with unicorns!  Especially the pink ones!


  1. What a lovely card and Momo is awesome for linking us new blogs for exposure. Momo sent me and I am a new follower.

  2. I hope you're going to post pics of the gift basket. I can always use inspiration & new ideas with things like that. Sorry for your friend's and mom's loss.

  3. Love your projects:) Great blog. I was sent by momo and I am now a follower. Hope to see you by my blog sometime:)

  4. Gorgeous card! I love that you had to prove you were human to the blogger :)

  5. What a truly delightful blog and hello from Windsor Ontario
    Momo sent me and I am now your new follower
    if you would like to visit me