Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today Was Sew Nice - and Etsy

I slept in a little, hopped inn the shower and suddenly produced this card.  Okay, no.  I went down while my hair was drying and made this card.  The minute it was done I called my friend Ana and drove over to pick her up.  I get excited to give my cards to my friends, particularly when, like this one, they are tailor made for someone.  Ana is the best seamstress I have ever met.  She does amazing work and often does wedding dresses, prom dresses, etc.  When I saw this clip art (Visit The Graphics Fairy) I knew Ana had to have a card.    Now, I would have gone out with Ana today even without a card inspiration, but it did make our outing even more special for me.  Ana visited me faithfully time after time when I was in the hospital for such a long time last year.  She will never know how much it meant to me to have a friend stick by me through that ordeal.  Hour upon hour, lying bored in my bed and then Ana would breeze in with her thousand watt smile and my whole day would light up. 

After a bite of lunch together we went to a couple of consignment shops looking for  the perfect lonely cocktail dress.  I love poking about in those shops and looking at all the clothing other people have parted with.  One shop was chock full of dressy dresses.  I guess it's where formal attire goes to 'retire' It's fun to look but I don't buy clothes anymore - new or used.  Everything I do is gauged by my transplant.  I used to over buy, feeling like a pretty new blouse would make me look better. Now I think that it's only 'new' to me and other people aren't all that interested in what shirt I'm wearing.  It does save money and keeps me humble. Haha.

Today I may scoot down for some more creating, but I really want to get things rolling on Etsy.  I have a little bit of set up text to put in, and then the really hard part - choosing a few cards worthy of selling.  I'm trying not to be too self conscious.  A little voice in my head is whispering "someone might buy a card but they'll think it's crappy when they get it" I'll choose half a dozen and give this a try.  It's not like a traditional business where I have to invest anything or take out a business loan.  Just an online site.  I can do it. 


  1. Hi, you can do it, i've been meaning to get on etsy too but like you scared....take the jump and maybe i'll follow. Beautiful card, coloring is great.
    your north bay friend

  2. Really cute card. Thank you for following my blog I am now a new follower of your blog as well. Good luck with selling your cards on etsy from what I have seen they are beautiful and people that buy them will love them.

  3. New follower from Momo! Cute projects you have! Thanks for following me as well!

  4. What a really nice card and thank you for the comment on my card but I had to delete the first post because i messed up the hair still don't like it oh well try again next time i guess ah ah