Saturday, March 12, 2011

The World is Black. The World is White.

I've mixed up my pill tray just a little bit again so it took some convincing to tell me it's actually Saturday.  I didn't post yesterday, which I'm sure nobody missed.  I spent the early part of the day with Shelly.  We 'did lunch' and shopped.  Yes, I made the poor woman stand there while I enthused over black and white paper (see today's effort) and we ended up in the toy department.  I am such a weakling where it comes to toys.  I came home with a large wooden Thomas the Tank Eugine play set for Kennedy.  My poor bank account.  The delighted gasp from Kennedy when he saw the package was worth any price I'd have to pay.  Right now he is carrying his various engines in his Thomas rubber boots.  Cuteness overload!

I awoke feeling a bit wonky, so after meds and a blood test I sat down in my craft room and began creating.  I used mostly black and white papers from my splurge yesterday.  It looks very busy in the photo but it really did turn out beautifully.  Working on a card often gets me over the initial shock of being awake.  My tummy starts to settle as I focus on external things.  As soon as I finish typing this I should be able to manage brunch.   

I feel so grateful to be safe and sound and as healthy as I am (with this disease) God has blessed me so much and I sometimes lose sight of it.  Hearing the news out of Japan yesterday is sobering indeed and I once again am reminded that for all my complaints there are others suffering far greater losses right now.  Despite our different appearances and cultures, the people of Japan are everyday people just like me.  My heart and prayers go out to them.  It is hard to figure out where God is in the midst of such devastation, but I must believe He has his hand on the situation and will work His plan out through this.


  1. Hi Ali,

    Thank you for your email and your lovely comments. I thought I would take a look around your blog and I see you have some lovely cards, I especially like this black and white one. Will look forward to seeing your future creations.

    Pat xx

  2. Once again, you have mastered an outlet as only you can do. The new card is breathtaking. Each presentation is better than the last.
    Great big smiles I bet, are on Kennedy's face as he plays with his newest treasure.
    Lunch yesterday was peaceful, relaxing, and you know I always love spending time with you. :) As for "standing there while you enthused" Oh, such a trial, watching your face light up as an idea hits you, and your eyes sparkle as you glom on to a new package of papers. Yes, that's the hardship I endured. <3 you. :)

  3. God has Blessed You with Gifts.