Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here I Come, Toronto!

About the diet - I'm hitting a little snag.  After bragging about how well I'm doing, I've begun to experience serious insulin lows.  That's making me nervous and causing me to test my blood with more frequency and I know I need to adjust the numbers on my pump but that makes me nervous, too.  I know I'll get it all adjusted again but right now it's unsettling. 

I spent a good part of the day in bed again.  I was feeling my usual 'rough' this morning.  Something occurred between my two girls and before I could catch my breath I was feeling sick.  Back under the blankets to suck my thumb.  So this is to be one of my 3 hours days, where I'm only out of bed for a brief time in the evening.  Please, please let tomorrow be a healthier day.

I did have some very good news today.  I was contacted again by the Toronto General Hospital's Kidney Transplant team and I'm to go to Toronto 3 times in April.  One trip is to meet with the nurse and the social worker.  Then a trip to have yet another EKG and see the cardiologist and finally a trip to see the surgeon who will be performing my transplant.  I'd better take a note pad with me!  The appointments are scheduled in a way that allows me to make the drive down and back in the same day so there will be no stop over with expensive hotel bills.  It's looking like April will be a busy and eventful month for me.  Each step closer makes me so excited.

I did very little crafting today.  I coloured the little bear on today's card, ate a wrap for dinner and as I say, it's a 3 hour day and I'm about to exit back to my comfy lair.


  1. Depending on your days to go, I can always provide company (and a secondary driver if needed).
    It's always an adjustment, when losing weight (and please diet isn't really what you're doing, you're making a change for life =D)and the lows will readjust to "normals" once your body starts working itself out. You're best to choose healthy proteins, with a complex carb, in the evening, for your snack, so the morning won't be so low. <3

  2. I am sorry to hear about your troubles.I hope everything works out for you, my sister-in-law is waiting for a liver transplant and I know how hard it is on you. I saw you stoped by my blog and i wanted to thank you for stoping by and becoming a follower.I will keep checking to see how you are doing. please take care.
    Thank You

  3. Adorable card! Love the sweet colors!

    Hope you are feeling better!