Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yet Another Storm

The weather here in North Bay is dreadful today.  Earlier we had what I thought was a gentle snow.  We had soup and sandwiches at a local bistro and as I sat there with my hands wrapped around my nice warm mug of coffee, I watched the flakes outside and felt quite cozy and was actually enjoying the weather.  After lunch we ran some errands and by the time the last one was done the wind was gusting, traffic was snarled and it had changed from a Courier and Ives scene to just pure gnarly.  There aren't too many parts of Canada where one can escape this weather and the places that are milder (i.e., Vancouver, Victoria) are far too expensive.  Besides, in my case it's easier to stay put where I have my specialists. The house feels cold tonight so I'm layering up.  I need one of those snuggy things.  I'm wrapped in a throw sticking my hands out around it to type. Brrrr.

Even though it's cold, I went down to the craft room and did several simple cards to give to Ana for the prison ministry.  Then I got out my watercolours and brushed over an embossed sheet of music with 'ocre'.  It yielded a pretty cool effect.  I mounted that on a blank card after adding ribbons and jewels. Voila.  A simple but cool note (get the pun?) card.

The dieting is going well at the moment.  My carb count is way down which means I require less insulin.  I have to check in with Rose on Monday so every time I eat I'm mindful of that.  It's like going to Weight Watchers in a way.  Come to think of it, the diet could probably interchange pretty handily.  The only thing is I need to be aware of things like phosphorus, and all sorts of things that show up in my blood work.  I try not to worry overmuch about those things.  If I were to eat 'perfectly' it would probably consume hours a day analysing every bite of food.

Sometimes it`s so hard to keep going.  It would be so easy to give up and eat a large poutine or a loaded pizza.  It makes me sad to have so many restrictions.  I have to keep reminding myself that I don`t have alot of time to correct my eating habits.  I need my surgery to stay alive and if I over eat they may tell me they won`t operate.  I`m going to be pretty happy in heaven eventually.  No more health problems, etc.  That hope keeps so many of us going.

Time to fire up the Keurig and make some phone calls.  Stay warm!


  1. When it is your time, you'll have the leisure to enjoy that rest. Now, is not your time. This new focus and creative outlet has been brought to you by a divine being, for you to be able to use your artistic nature to provide joy to others. <3