Saturday, April 16, 2011


I looked at my son today and wondered where he came from.  He is currently 2 years and  5 months old and he is now firmly entrenched in his terrible twos.  Today was terrible.  Out of all the terrible twos days, this has been THE hardest ever.  Kennedy woke up this morning and my normally good natured little man was out of control all day.  He tested me in every way possible.  My youngest daughter had slept over at a friend's and was missing all the fun.  I won't go into details of the day but I greeted her this afternoon with "Are you familiar with the term infanticide? Good, then he can stay with you while I take a two hour break"  And I did.  Poor little guy had driven me crazy for hours and I had to leave or else.  My older daughter and I went to Colonel Hoagies for dinner and ended up with a piece of cheesecake and coffee before we reluctantly returned home.  And what did we find when we returned home?  Of course - a sweet little boy quietly watching TV.  Go figure.

I pulled out a stamp I've had for a little while to make tonight's card.  I can feel a little bit of the creative mojo returning.  I need to relax with it and not worry about how my paper work compares to others.  I enjoyed working on the little tyke with the phone and putting her card together.  There are no new techniques or 'oh wow' effects.  Maybe I don't have what it takes - or maybe I do.   When I feel up to challenging myself, I do. Sometimes all I need to do is make a very plain card that takes 10 minutes to feel good about what I'm doing.  Other times I need to fuss and fiddle for a couple of hours to feel satisfied.  It should be about me, fulfilling my creativity and not worrying about if I'm 'good enough' to meet someone else's standards.

So tonight I made a simple stamped card, but one I'm pleased with and would give to a friend with pride.  It's all good!

And now as for Kennedy, he knows when he's had enough.


  1. Oh Ali what a super cute card!!! I absolutely love it and of course you did an excellent job as always!!!!

  2. Really cute card Ali, and I'm glad you made it thru your day... Loved the end pick of your little guy as well. Hugs.
    Happy Sunday to you