Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stick Pins

It's already after 10 and I'm just coming upstairs with this card now.  I got hooked watching Roswell this afternoon and got nothing done.  It's nice to grow roots in front of the TV once in awhile.

Tonight I did a butterfly that I've done many times before but this time I scored  the wings and layers and made matching stick pins to use as antennae.  (Thanks A Busy Bee!) The obits in our weekend paper were plentiful this weekend so I figured a sympathy card was a good choice.

I've had enough TV and even enough crafting for today so it's time to hook up to dialysis and try for some sleep.  I hope everyone has had a pleasant day and that tomorrow isn't stressing you.  Tomorrow means God's giving you another day.  That's pretty great!


  1. Such a pretty butterfly.....what a great idea with the stick pins too.

  2. Ali, This is so very pretty. I love the colors you chose to use.