Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goodbye Facebook

  I'm not alone!  Found this and thought I'd share!


  1. It probably would, but where else can I spend money? Only in Farmville, because in real life I'm always broke. At least there I can earn and spend all I want and I get to dress like a princess and wear a tiara. LOL! I'm not ready to give it up...yet.

  2. So cute and so true. I love it. found your blog from Momo's site. I am a follower now. I am very new at blogging and only have one project posted on my blog but feel free to check it out. There will be more posted.

    Happy Crafting,

  3. How I wish I could give it up sometimes. But then I wouldn't be able to talk to my family members spread all over the states that I spent many a summer vacation with growing up and now that we are all adults through Facebook we reconnected.
    I hope you are doing well.

  4. Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, you write on walls and you get poked by people you don't know.