Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Dragonfly Day

First of all, thanks to all who wrote to me about Facebook.  I'm really feeling like I did the right thing by closing it.  I like to be around positive people and my blog friends and acquaintances are very positive and encouraging.  Just as I love to admire your work and often leave a note, I do so love to hear the feedback from other bloggers as well.

Well today is what I think of as a dragonfly day.  I love dragonflies.  I think they're beautiful and they definitely play an important role in our ecosystem.  Just looking at them makes me feel 'right'.  Today being the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, the stores are open and packed!  I ventured out  and bought a dust pan and brush, and a broom.  All in wild colours.  The broom is zebra print.  These are for my work room so I don't have to drag out the vacuum after every play session.  So I went downstairs with my purchases, swept up and you know what then.  Yes, when the craft room is clean I immediately want to sit down and create something.  I have this really great sheer ribbon with butterfly outlines on it (a gift from Shelly) and a 3-D dragonfly.  I embossed and sanded a bit of card stock for the background and voila.  Super easy super quick card.  I tell you, making just one little card was all I had to do to be able to return upstairs. I had dragonflies on the brain.   Life would be out of balance if I hadn't stopped to do that card.  The room is clean again and I'm sitting here waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely family weekend.  I'm excited for tomorrow!


  1. Very Pretty Ali! Happy Easter!

  2. Lovely card. Have a Happy & blessed "Resurrection Sunday"!

  3. very pretty, I love to sit down and craft when my space is clean also...