Monday, April 25, 2011

Heading South (Again)

A short blog visit tonight.  I have about an hour before I have to hook up for dialysis and then early tomorrow morning I hit the road for Toronto again.  This time to see the cardiologist and the transplant surgeon.  Considering how totally exhausting the last trip was for me I probably will be scarce for a couple of days.  After the first visit Laura helped me into the car and the next thing I knew we were about an hour south of North Bay.  I missed the rush hour Toronto traffic and all of the 400 series highways. I further spent the next day in bed. I expect this visit to affect me the same way as it's two appointments plus another EKG.  Laura will probably drive like a maniac to reach home in time for Glee.

I got time to do a couple of cards today.  The one I have pictured was made with double sided paper and a die cut from the Botanicals cart.  I liked similar cards that Oh Snap had made recently so that was my inspiration.  I love the colours in mine.

I'll look at all of your blogs from bed shortly and will look forward to revisiting them in a couple of days to see what's new and beautiful.

Have a happy crafting week and if you're of a mind to, enjoy the royal wedding fever.


  1. I'll be thinking of you and hoping it goes well for you. And Ohhhhhhhhhh my bug the card is gorgeous! Love the colors! Hope you are up and around soon :D

  2. Oh My, I am sorry to hear of your health issues. I had septic shock last fall and had to be on dialysis for about 2 weeks. How uncomfortable it is...not the dialysis itself but the total bloating in between. I truely hope all goes well with a transplant.

    Your card is so pretty. I love the paper choice.