Sunday, April 24, 2011

I 'd Like More Days Like This One

We've had a wonderful Easter here.  Great weather and everyone happy.  We had a terrific time watching Kennedy hunt for eggs this morning, culminated by his discovering a giant chocolate Thomas the Tank Engine. He amazed me by playing quietly all day, despite the amount of chocolate in his belly.

We enjoyed a pork roast dinner together.  The kind of dinner where nobody is rushing away from the table.  I had hauled out my ancient crock pot for the roast so the house smelled delicious all afternoon.

Rather than card making today, I got a cup of coffee and read a very long email sent to me by a great Christian lady.  It was a wonderful pastime for an Easter afternoon.  It reminded me anew just how much God loves me and you.  I'm so glad that I spent my time reading as well as checking Bible verses.

No new card tonight either.  Just like 30 years ago, I'm taken by the Royal  wedding excitement and tonight Slice TV is airing the movie made about Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Yes, we females are taking over the family room to watch.  Daddy and Kennedy will have to do....well whatever.  I and my popcorn will be enjoying the show.

I'm thanking God for this restful, wonderful Easter day.  I'm thanking God for bloggers, too!

I hope everyone has made happy memories of today.  Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Ali and I will be watching the same movie too!!!!!

  2. Happy Easter Ali.....enjoy the movie. Its on TV here tomorrow night!