Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Found It In The Shed

For tonight`s card I`m giving a big thanks and credit to Erlinda at Stampin` With Erlinda. Erlinda tried the pocket fold card and posted easy instructions to follow and my result is this card.  I did mine with lots of Victorian paper, lace, ribbon, etc but I`d like to try another with a more contemporary look.  I hope you`ll all check out Erlinda`s blog and follow her.

Today was Clean the Shed day.  What a mess!  I now know where old weed whackers go to die.  Someone in my family has been breaking them and instead of trashing them, hoarding the remains.  After emptying the shed we drove around to various spots around town such as the Salvation Army, the Hazardous Waste Depot, and Rebuilt Resources.  Everybody got something and now the shed is only housing the mower, rakes and hoses - as it should be.  We got rid of four count em four bikes.  We all gave up bike riding in 2006 when my husband had a serious accident on his. Today those bikes have moved on and will be placed in good homes. Just not ours!  My husband was left with irreversible brain damage after buying an improperly assembled new bike from a store here. He was wearing a helmet at the time.  Biking is obviously a bit of a sore spot in my household.  On the upside, we unearthed the coffee pot from my sterling tea service.  It must have been out there for five years.  How could I not miss it.

I`m just sitting down with the girls to watch Criminal Minds and then up to bed.  I hope everybody`s day was lovely.

PS  One more thing.  I recently purchased a CD from a young women who has the voice of an angel. Jes' sayin'.  It's called Hypnotized by Ashley Armstrong.  Many of you know her mom, Crissy, who is a very talented artist and card maker.  If you're curious you can check the CD out here, or search it on iTunes I've been playing it a lot and will be sure to listen to it on my iPod while I'm in the hospital.  

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  1. so pretty Ali,I'm watching Criminal Minds too...
    Have a good night.