Sunday, April 10, 2011

It is Just Paper

Today was great.  I got in some quality creative time and  browsed around Wally-mart.  When you live in North Bay you don't have the luxury of shopping around for things.  I had my favourite roast turkey sandwich with my daughters at Twiggs while my husband did the male bonding thing with Kennedy. I am finally winding down.  When I get a day like this where I feel pretty good it is such a surprise and a blessing.  I may pay dearly tomorrow but today I was flying.

Walmart here sells some gorgeous scrap booking papers by K & Company.  I buy the 12 x 12 pads and trim them down into smaller pieces for card making.  So today's card is from a sheet of that.  The brown dotted ribbon is actually cut from the reverse side of the same paper.  The flower on it is a K & Company embellishment and the sentiment is 2 die cut and embossed scalloped circles.  Walla! Another Thank You Card joins the ranks of the trillions of other cards.,  But its my card and I love it.

If you make cards yourself, do you ever feel like you're giving one of your babies away when you give or sell one  Its silly really, because I can duplicate the card later.  Its just paper.  Its just paper.  I have photographed every card I've ever made, including my more amateur early efforts. Just paper. Just paper!


  1. Hi, yes it's like giving a baby away... i find it hard to pick one to give. I love them all....what's a crafter to do. Make more eh??? a fellow North Bay crafter

  2. Hi Ali, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments, very much appreciated.... I've left you a little something!

  3. Hi Ali another beautiful card and it looks so serene!!!! Good job!!!!

  4. LOVE your blog and your cards are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for following! I too am happy to be your newest follower! TFS!