Friday, May 13, 2011

Card Making is Fun!

What could be more fun than making dinner?  Making cards of course!  Here I am blogging when I should be domesticating (new word, I know).  I set up the Expression today and had some fun.  I kept it simple, but did manage to weld, set up the mat for one big cut and use two different carts at once.  I'm quite pleased with the first try card.  It looks way better if you click on it and view the larger image.

I have tidied everything up after getting in to the boxes and setting it all up.  Tonight I am familiarizing myself with the 3 new carts.  My only complaint about Gypsy is the tiny icons.  It is definitely not great for over 50 eyes.  Anyway, I shall play with my carts and pre-design something to make tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am taking my mother to a craft show.  I am pretty sure she asked me to take her because she knows I would enjoy it.  She cannot see so I am not sure why she wants to go herself.

I hope you are all having some new crafty fun.


  1. This card is so CUTE! Love the mailbox! Have fun at the craft show... I'm sure it will be a blast! TFS!


  2. Really super sweet, hugs pops x