Friday, May 13, 2011

The Almost Missing May 12th Post

Call me a human pin cushion.  I started out this morning at the hospital lab for yet another blood test.  I think that's the last one, or test of any kind, before I report for my angiogram at 6:30 am next Wednesday.  Who works at 6:30 am?  I don't do early mornings.  Oh well, get the hideous experience over with.  I wonder if I'll get a stint or an angioplasty afterwards?  Some days I wish I was anybody but me, but I know this journey is mine and I have to stay the course and the rewards at the end will be pretty great.  I'm honestly not sure what healthy feels like.  It's sure going to be trippy when I recuperate.

Today's card is to welcome a new addition to a friend's family.  Becky is super excited about her new little fluff ball.  She travelled five hours to get her and this is their first weekend together.  I truly enjoyed making this one because I got to use the Gypsy and did all the cuts on one mat.  So much easier than the old way.  Lovin' it! I have no appointments tomorrow so I can hopefully sit on my veranda and plan more cuts on the Gypsy.  It was super easy to use, too.  Probably because I was already using MTC so the Gypsy seemed very intuitive.  That's good because they sure don't give you much instruction in the box!

Thank you again, Barbara for thinking of me with that great card.

Happy Crafting everyone.

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  1. Really cute card Ali.. Glad the testing is over at least for a while.