Monday, May 16, 2011


And now for my `regular`post., Anticlimactic.

I made this card using Bobunny paper and the Raymond the Golfer stamp.  I`m putting it away for Father`s Day for my Golf-a-holic husband.  Next up will be my Mom`s 87th birthday but that`s not until July.

I`m organized for the trip tomorrow and am ready to wind down for the night.

Thank you all again for the prayers and well wishes.  The Bible verses have been perfect as well.
I`m looking forward to arriving home Thursday night and peeking at what everyone has done this week.


  1. Such a great card, just love the golfer guy! Have to tell you I love all the little pictures on you blog: bows, bugs, berries..they are so sweet!
    Cindy at

  2. Just love the golfer guy....he has a lot of character! Great card. Wish you well for tomorrow

  3. Safe Travels, my friend.


  4. Wow my hubby would really love this card!!!! You did an awesome job Ali!!!! Way to go!!!!

  5. What a great card. I always struggle with guy cards. Very nice!

    Sherrie K