Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gypsy is Here

Another stamp from Just Some Lines.  All the little dots are glitter pens by Martha Stewart.  I will be making various birthday cards for the next little while as a number of friends and family have birthdays coming up.

And now... My Gypsy is here!!!  I`ve been muddling with it and things should be good for tomorrow.  Then the Expression will have arrived  and I`ll be muddling again.  I`m so glad the Gypsy arrived now because I can play with it in Toronto next week.  I still feel like a traitor for caving and buying PC products but they got me with the price. I realize I will get absolutely no customer service.  I just don`t have the energy to track down other cutters at higher prices and there really isn`t a choice in this small place.

Stay tuned for my first Gypsy project soon.


  1. Oh my Ali what a super super cute card!!!! Good enought to eat!!!! Great job!!!
    Hugs Linda

  2. This card is just adorable!! The cupcake looks yummy! I can't wait to see your gypsy projects :)