Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long Lazy Weekend

The past couple of days have been restful.  I haven't done any crafting until a few minutes ago.  I've just been resting and enjoying the fine weather.  I'm learning to better pace myself after travelling or spending a day out and about.  One of my daughters has been hard at work in the garden and even single handedly planted 3 small trees.  Talk about making mom happy!  I`ve been able to rest on a lounger while all this fantastic gardening has happened.

I have a few new pieces of bling that arrived while I was away, so tomorrow I`m hoping to get down there and create something new.  I have a few projects stored on the Gypsy, but I still enjoy colouring the most.  I now know of a local crop that health permitting I`d love to attend.  So hopefully, things will settle for a little while and I can get out once in awhile.

I hope everyone is enjoying fantastic weather and being with family this weekend.

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  1. Yep...lazin around...making a few cards..that's what this weekend is for right??? tfs, lovely card.