Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Health and Peace

I've been too tired to create or post yesterday and most of today. Two days of just sitting on my behind.  The most ambitious thing I did all day was to sit with Kennedy and sort his hot wheels by colour.

We had a fun dinner tonight - tacos.  We had all the ingredients in serving bowls so everyone made theirs with exactly what they liked. Besides salsa, my favourite garnish is the shredded cheese.  I was a pig and ate 3!

After dinner I did visit the craft room and made this card.  The sentiment is for me - Wishing You Wellness and Peace.  That's what I want most for me of course.  I used die cuts from the Storybook cartridge and decorated them with tiny coloured pearls.  Having satisfied my craft itch, I can now surf your blogs for awhile and tuck myself into bed at a decent time.  Do you ever have the urge to stay up past bedtime and make just one more card?  I do and it's dangerous!

Take care everybody and happy crafting!


  1. I get the same urge. I feel like I am not being productive laying in bed. With all my joint pains sometimes it is hard to stand. But I do my best.
    Tough to get old. Hope you are up and about.

  2. What a beautiful card! TFS!