Monday, June 6, 2011

A Two-Fer

Two Fer the price of one tonight.  I did a couple of cards right after dinner.  I'm carded out for today.  On the first card I used my Just Wordz stamps again and pretty much just added bling to feature the burgundy against the yellow card stock.

The second card was done after flipping through my stamp stash and seeing the little guy. He looks kind of sorry so I made an I'm Sorry card for him.

As for today, the weather was fine. so I visited my mother and gave her the card for her friend and treated myself to some KFC.  Yes, I ignored the carbs and ate the yummy skin, too.  The renal/diabetic way of eating is...well.....BORING and often very annoying because to be really correct you need to blanch the veggies you ARE allowed to eat.  By the time you combine a diabetes food plan with a renal food plan it's like eating hospital food every day.  One of my dreams about having my transplant is to be able to eat things I miss like whole grain foods and not have to measure out small amounts of fruit juice but enjoy a full glass.  So many simple little things will improve for me.

And now it's surfin' time!  Happy Crafting everyone.


  1. Again super cute cards Alison, did you crochet the flower....awesome. TFS

  2. Alison, your cards are adorable! Your personal strength is an inspiration!! You deserve some yummy KFC :) All the best ~ LuLu

  3. Thanks Kimberly and Lu. Although I can make those flowers - and should sit down and make a whole pile of them....this one was from my embellishment stash.

  4. Such sweet cards!

    ~ Blessings ~

  5. You do good work. Its great to see that you have made the cross over from web design to a new field.

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