Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Miss Whiny Pants

Nothing to report today - because I did nothing but sleep.  It's been brutal lately.  I am more tired than ever,  I faithfully take my meds and Eprex shots but I still feel exhausted.  I got up at 2:30 pm today! I have totally lost interest in eating so my first bite of food was at dinner, and all I ate was a few mouthfuls of pork chop and about a half cup of mixed veggies.  Someone once said to me that when you have end stage renal failure it feels like you're living life in black and white when everybody else is living in colour.  When I get this worn down I have more 'why me?' moments.

I watch other people going about their day to day lives and I think about how their bodies are pretty healthy and normal and they're doing things that I can no longer enjoy. I can't even go on a vacation and escape this.  Actually, it's a logistical nightmare fore me to travel so add that to the list. I do dialysis seven days a week.  So you see where I have my 'why me?' moments.  And yet, I am so blessed and happy to be alive and to have the hope of a healthier future after transplant.  Maybe I can again be one of those people I watch and envy.

To end this blog post on a happier note, I did find lots of colour in my black and white world today by rousing for an hour and making this card with it's colourful balloons.  I didn't use a sentiment, letting the balloons do the talking.  It's got a pretty wild mish-mash of colours.

I'm sorry if this post is whiny or disturbing.  I try not to say too much but sometimes I just have to.  Jus' sayin'.

I hope your weekends are ending on a high note....and happy crafting!


  1. Awesome card Ali, we all have days like this...i think, i do anyway...chin up days will get

  2. I love this card.Super super cute.