Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Satisfying Day

Its been a long lazy Sunday.  The weather has been pretty good, at least compared to recent weather.  The trees in the yard look so pretty now that they are in full leaf.

When I was visiting my mother yesterday she mentioned that her 98 year old neighbor is having a birthday next week, so the card today is for mom to give to her friend. Mom is always so cute when she wants one of my cards to give to someone.  She tries to pay me!  As IF.  See the Just Wordz stamps on there?  Love 'em!

I often worry about whether my mom is too lonely living in a seniors facility, but yesterday I witnessed her interacting with staff and neighbors and it is clear she is very well adjusted to her surroundings.  She even flirted outrageously with the male attendant who brought her her pills while we were there.  It is a side of my mother I rarely get to see and it made me happy.

I hope you have all had a relaxing and creative weekend.  Happy crafting!


  1. Oh Alison, your last couple of cards are your colors that you used, layouts and just the simplity is gorgeous...thanks so much for using my stamps,i just get a kick when i see them on fellow bloggers posts. Your super kind. Funny, i visit often and just noticed you have a button, i'm posting it on my sidebar right now....take care.
    kim aka

  2. What a lovely card! These flowers are so gorgeous! Blessings

  3. thanks a lot for fallow me , congratulations!!!! i loved your cards.

  4. Wow Ali love the flowers on this card!!!! You did a great job again!!!!!