Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tired But Still Ticking

Since my last post I managed to slip away to Toronto again - this time related to my husband's brain injury.  I used my waiting time to read a good book and take naps. I kept wishing my call for a kidney would happen while I was already in Toronto just steps away from the hospital.  Things just don't happen like that though, do they?  The drive to and from Toronto seems longer and longer.  Today was rough because my leg was swollen and it felt like someone was jabbing me with glass.  I'll need to do an extra dialysis treatment for a couple of days.

We arrived home before dinner and I was delighted to find four new stacks waiting for me.  I'm pretty tired but I did manage an hour of play time.

I made a cut-away using a die cut from Botanicals on the front.  I hand cut the round top of the inside of the card, added stickers for the font and butterfly and walla-presto, a cute card.

Now it's time to check out the blogaverse and get ready for an early night.

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  1. Beautiful card Ali!!!! Keep the faith!!!!!