Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Simple Thursday

Today has been a lazy summer day.  While I was away Kennedy broke his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine DVD and has been standing in front of the TV saying "watch?" So off we went to Wal Mart for a replacement. After all that, we returned home ready to put in in the player for Kennedy - but he only wants to watch Kung Fu Panda right now.  Kids!

I'll be getting my hair cut in the morning.  Then I'm giving my beautiful self permission to relax the rest of the day.  I hope to spend some time with some new markers that have just arrived.  I bought a lot of neutral shades including greys.  I also have the Live Simply cartridge to try out.

Next week I'm at the hospital twice.  Once for renal clinic and once for a meeting with my transplant team via teleconference.  I need to rest up so I can manage these meetings - so important and a little bit exciting for me.

Happy crafting everyone!

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