Friday, August 5, 2011

Crop Luggage

I was a crop virgin until today.  Yes, I finally attended a crop, thanks to Kimberly at Just Wordz.  I enjoyed myself and came home with a few new cards as well as some new bling 'n' such.

I alone, arrived with my gear stashed in 2 recyclable grocery bags.  Every other lady there had fancy dancy storage totes.  I was okay with that.  My bags cost $1.99 each and obviously theirs were out of the stratosphere.  Nothing comes cheap for a scrap booking purist.

Well, as luck would have it I was seated beside a very friendly lady who whispered to me to check out the crop luggage on sale at Fabric Land.  She said it was much cheaper than at our store. Yup. I was lured in.  I made a pit stop on the way home from the crop and picked up not one but two different styles of craft bags. Come ON, they were on SALE!  And I`m sure I need my grocery bags for groceries.

Happy crafting and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh i'm glad you went..i'm working, bummer. Hope you met a few of the regulars they are always helpful...i have one plastic tote, you know the ones that slide under the bed...nothing fancy for me...I hope you can go again when i can make

  2. Oh i was so excited you went to the crop i forgot to mention your card is super SWEET....